Composite Panel
Building System
Reinforced, Insulated,
Concrete Construction
The ASPI Composite Panel
Building System is used in the
construction of Walls, Floors
and Roofs. The Composite Panel
consists of welded steel wire
reinforcing, insulating
foam core, and Structural Portland
Cement Plaster on each face. The
Welded Wire
Reinforcing forms a three –
dimensional space frame with a
truss element as the core.
Each of these components are
utilized to their maximum efficiency,
concrete for
compression forces, steel for
tensile forces, and the foam core as
insulation. The foam
core is placed at the center for
maximum efficiency regarding
acoustic, thermal and
structural properties. The efficient
combination of these components
allows the panel to
perform as a structural composite.
The system reacts to applied forces
with a 2” x 2”
face wire grid reinforcing matrix as
opposed to normal reinforcing
schedules of 12” or
Advanced Structural
Panel Industries LLC
Composite Panel Building
System Reinforced, Insulated,
Concrete Construction
Panel Structures
The completed panel is delivered to the job site weighing approximately 1 pound per
square foot. The panel is erected to form the desired structure. All panel joints and
connections are lapped with joint mesh. This complies with the American Concrete
Institute Code governing Reinforcing Mesh Design. These connections are wire tied by
hand, or clipped with pneumatic guns. After the panels are erected, and inspected, the
required concrete plaster thickness is applied. This is normally 1” to 1 ½” thickness of
2,000 psi Structural Portland Cement Plaster. The plaster may be applied by hand,
hopper gun, plaster gun or shot Crete. The finished structure is a monolithic, reinforced,
insulated concrete building that is resistant to many hazards. Beams and Columns can
be formed utilizing the panel as a stay in place form.
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